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Friday, January 14, 2011

Project 365 underway.

Well, I finally got started on Project 365 the other day. Basically it is a project for each person to take a photo each day for a year forming a basis of what their life is about. Do a google search for details from any of a dozen sites.

To keep this blog for discussing photography, I created a second blog at http://hldphotosproj365.blogspot.com/

As I just got a new Point and Shoot for Christmas (Thanks kids) I am trying to use it primarily instead of my Nikon D300 DSLR. Some of the things I have learned:
1) after you get used to a DSLR, the shutter lag of a P&S is VERY noticeable.
2) Knowing the camera is important. When you are trying to get the shot is no time to have to learn how to do it.
3) Yes there is a difference in snapshots and photographs.

A photo from Jan 12th The shot looks easy but what you don't see is the time spent at 38 degrees with a wind chill that had to be in the upper twenties at best. I read of a photographer that sat in a African river for 2 hours to get a shot of lions drinking at the river bank. He couldn't get the shot any other way.

Also, so say that inexperience shooters take hundreds of shots hoping a few come out good. Maybe so but it also takes a lot of shots to get the one you want, especially when the subject is moving in a non-predictable manner.

The best thing I can say to anybody is if you or your spouse like the shot, then smile and enjoy it. There are too many that will find technical fault or room for improvement as the saying does.

Have fun with whatever camera you use. The main thing is to use it.

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