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Friday, April 23, 2010

Let somebody know where you are - EXACTLY

I have been working on a project photographing old structures in North Carolina project. Learning a lot along the way. 

One thing is to always let somebody know EXACTLY where you are. 
Background: after herniating a disk in my back, I still sometimes get a little buzz in my left leg. Sometimes I think it is my cell phone on vibrate. I check and its not. Also, some of the barn owners have told me to be careful of snakes, sometimes they are up in the top. 

So I am out in the tall grass shooting a barn door. I am in sight of Hwy 64 but you wouldn't see me from the road or know how to get to where I was. All of a sudden, as I kneel in the grass, I swear I feel something touch my RIGHT leg at the knee. Sort of like when a fish bumps you in the lake. WHOOP, I go straight up, forget the camera, waving my hat (don't know what good that did other than scare the birds)!

First thing comes to my feeble mind is snake! Spent five minutes carefully looking around. Nothing. What was it? Don't know but I realized that if I had gotten hurt there or in the structures, nobody would have know where to look. 

Photographers are known to do crazy things to "get the shot" guess I fit right in. Know of one who sat in an African river for hours to get a shot of lions drinking at the bank. Wonder if he thought about the snakes etc in the river? Will save the story of my getting the shot on the side of highway with tractor trailers blowing by (shaking me and my tripod) for another day. 

Here is the shot I was getting at the time. You can tell the grass is pretty tall. Good place for snakes (and crazy photographers). 

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