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Friday, January 28, 2011

P&s vs DSLRs Pt 3 The intangibles

The last time I discussed this (Jan 22) I focused mainly on technical differences. But over the last few days I have made some observations I want to pass along. Part of the difference between the two are intangible things.

Handling: The other day as I came in I needed to make a quick pit stop. As I went into the bathroom, I simply placed my P&S down on the sink, lens down. I then realized, I would never have done that no matter what with my DSLR. It isn't just a matter of the cost of the equipment. It is also a mental thing, The DSLR is the "good" camera. The point and shoot takes great pictures but still it isn't my DSLR.
    I realized the other day when I came in the house, I had tossed the P&S on the bed. Again, I never would have done that with my DSLR.

Cleaning: I reach for a clean T-shirt to wipe the lens of my P&S, on my DSLR I use a microfiber cloth that is stored in a clean place. (No I would never use a Kleenex or napkin on either camera. That ruins any glass over time, eyeglasses included.) I put my P&S in my coat pocket (with all the crumbs and stuff down there.) but I do keep it in a case to help keep it clean. My DSLR I on me or in the bag and I keep the bag clean.

Do I sound like I don't like my P&S? No, I love it. I was able to easily take some movies of my father -in-law while I was down there. It is easier to have all the time and I can take shots I couldn't take (or wouldn't try to take with my DSLR). Here is one I took of my rental car for my Proj 365 photos while my wife's car was in the shop. Warning! Do not try to take a shot like this Leave this to professional idiots (photographers) . This was dumb trying to get the shot. It is difficult to hold the wheel, hold and aim the camera, keep the car in the lane, etc. and oh yeah, focus the camera.

Here is one I wanted to get of the snow on the side of the road as I passed by Fayetteville and Lumberton NC  on my way to Georgia on Jan 16th. The snow was all gone up in the Raleigh - Rocky Mount area but was still there in spots further south. Again, this was dumb trying to shoot while driving alone. And I got it as a movie also!

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