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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Clock Tower

The Baltimore Clock Tower 

The Bromo-Seltzer Tower in Baltimore is a unique building. Based upon shots I got from the 12th floor (more on those shots in a moment) at one point, the tower is about 15 stories tall. (Confirmed via Wikipedia).

First, Bromo Seltzer is a product for heartburn similar to another will known seltzer product. Look for Bromo Seltzer in Wikipedia for some amazing facts on Bromo Seltzer and bromides.

I first spotted the Bromo Seltzer building almost by accident. It is across the street from our hotel and just a hundred feet up the street. Several people I talked to over our stay didn't see it as the uniqueness of it is way up there.

But I have to say I fell in love with it. I love the blue lights in the top portion. The first shots are night shots from the ground.

The last four shots are from a different relative position. More on that when we get to those.

Unseen at night are the letters spelling out Bromo Seltzer n the clock face. The daytime shots will show them.

And one last close up at night from the ground.

Finally I got out and got some daytime shots.

Notice that now you can see the words "Bromo Seltzer"

I like the images I captured but I was unhappy with the angle of the images from the ground.

Hhmmm. Wait, the hotel I am at is 12 stories tall. Went up to the 12th floor but all the doors going into rooms with glass I could shoot through were locked. Later asked the front desk if there was anyway I could get in there. They said there was an event being set up for that night and I might be able to get in then.

I love a challenge.

 Got up there and the doors were unlocked, yeah! Notice the angle is more straight on and not looking up as much. BUT the overhang outside the windows was messing up some image captures. Then I noticed a door with a sign on it that said, "No re-entry" meaning once you go out you couldn't get back in. Looked out and outside was a metal pathway across the roof and going down to somewhere. Did I mention the temperature is about 35 with a windchill in the mid 20s? So I don't want to go out and be stuck on the roof.

Also, there is a fire alarm pull box and opening the door might, maybe set off the alarm.

Ahhh, there is one of the workers. Couple of quick questions.

1. Will opening the door set off the alarm? No. (Great)

2. Would you min d standing there and opening the door so I can get back in? This will only than a few moments. Yes. (Double Great!!)

So I got the shots. The se last four are all from the 12th floor rather than the ground.

My sincere thanks to those that helped me capture these images.

I loved this one with the skyline of the city at the bottom. 

Now just one more post. The ships. Tall sailing ships and submarines. 

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