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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baltimore Buildings

Baltimore Buildings

Baltimore has some beautiful buildings. So I grouped these images to focus on the buildings. 

This gold topped building is prominent from most downtown locations (and is a great help to finding your way around).  

And as noted earlier, Baltimore has some "different" ways to keep you from sitting on window ledges. 

And there is always the baseball park.

But there is so much more. 

I loved the colors of this shot at night. 

Here is a shot of the Hippodrome Theater (Theatre??) at night. Wished I had more to time to go in and see it on the inside. 

I don't know what the reason is for the odd structure on top of this building but I like it and like the other image, it helps you know where you are if you can spot it. (Not solar panels, not antennas, maybe just for looks?) 

Loved the green tint of the building. This is located at the harbor near the USS Constellation and the Jewish Menorah shown in the first post of Baltimore. 

An attractive building of a dying business. I used to love reading a paper but the las one I had was a Sunday paper that more resembled the thickness of the Wednesday paper, totally lacking in pages of Arts and Business, and other interesting things.

Like the green building, the blue of the windows caught my eye. gain at the harbor. 

A better shot of that gold topped building.  And part of that strange topped building. 

Typical home in Baltimore city (not suburbs). Most homes in the city are three stories. I image land is frightfully expensive there which explains the three stories. When you think about the space a stair case takes up for the floor space, I image the rooms are not very big. From what I could tell, the buildings are two rooms deep.

On my ride to the train museum (see previous post) there was a lower income area and I asked what they cost. The response was $1200 a month.

I spotted this outside one home and thought it was an old coal chute but the owner told me that no it was just the way into the basement. I asked him why his was the only home on the block like that? He had no idea, that was just the way it was.

By the way, the owner told me that the coal chute is that smaller brown door to the side.

If you notice in the images above, there is a small gate to the side of the building. And I do mean small. This is barely wide enough for the average person to walk though without turning slightly. 

And in case you are wondering what the backyards are like, here is an image in a nice part of town.

This one caught my eye as it had the North Carolina ECU Pirate colors. 

I like this one for the colors in the bricks. Notice the faintly colored rainbow of colors. 

images of old buildings such as this church are everywhere.

This is my mystery building. It appeared to be closed and no longer in use. The mystery is why were there steel plates around the windows on the 2nd floor? There are not on the first floor or the third floor, just the 2nd. And they were on both sides of the corner building. If anybody knows the answer, let me know.

The home of Mary Pickersgill where she sewed the flag that is known as the Star Spangled Banner Flag. 

Plaque for the home. 

And the famous Chandler building were Social Security was started and the first check issues. 

An interesting architectural design that caught my eye. 

An old harbor building. 

Two shots of a building seen on the east side of town, just north of the harbor. Never was able to find out was it was. Anybody know, please post as message. 

And to finish, some skyline images taken from Federal Hill. 

The Clock tower and then the ships of the harbor. 

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