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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Raleigh Hebrew Cemetery

I wanted to make a special mention of the Raleigh Hebrew Cemetery. The photos were mixed in with the main Oakwood Historic Cemetery photos but I decided to put them in their own section to make them easier to find. Here is a link to them http://www.hldphotos.com/Galleries/Projects/Raleigh-Hebrew-Cemetery/10605363_MURnb#707406011_iG9Gp . The rocks on top of the headstones are a tradition. In the old days, the sand would blow off a person buried in the desert sand so they covered them with rocks. Today, when a person goes to visit them, they leave a rock on the headstone.

What was really emotional was one where somebody (a child?) left a rock painted with "We miss you" painted on it. It did photograph well but you can see the painted rock here- http://www.hldphotos.com/Galleries/Projects/Raleigh-Hebrew-Cemetery/10605363_MURnb#737390735_8x8xW There was also a very touching headstone where a little boy had left his Matchbox toy car instead of a headstone.

I found the Raleigh Hebrew Cemetery to be much more warm and personal than the Historic Oakwood Cemetery which had more markers about who was the first governor, senator, chairman of the board, etc. The Hebrew Cemetery was much more focused on the person and their relationships.

And yes I used to be able to read the Hebrew writing but have not kept up with it. For those interested, the Hebrew words shown here do not have any vowels on them. It also reads from right to left.

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