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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nicola Godfrey Tiles

I need to mention that Nicola Godfrey (pronounced Nick-o-la) of Nicola Godfrey Tiles asked me back twice to photograph some more of her tiles. they are hand made and really incredible. She has walked me through the process she goes through to make them and I wish I had taken notes! I do remember that the press she uses is a 60 ton press!! She makes masters and then copies and then a master again, I forget it all but sometime in the future we hope to photograph the entire process for her website. The tiles are difficult to make and the slightest imperfection can make them crack.

Speaking of cracks, she made a beautiful ceramic tile frame for a mirror and shipped to to Arizona. Unfortunately it was broken in-route.

Her work is truly wonderful and if you want or need any custom tiles, I highly recommend her.

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