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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bentonville Battlefield - The trip - A date with my wife. Pt 4 of 4 Signs, Memorials, and Cemeteries

Amidst all the soldiers fighting, one must remember the people also. If you like to go though cemeteries, here are the shots for you This is the family cemetery for the owners of the house. There are also 24 graves of Confederate soldiers the Union left behind when they left and these died before the other Confederate forces could arrive. (Old cemeteries have always fascinated me.)

  Anna Harper 1770 - 1841 
Wife of John Harper 

John Harper ???? - 1839 
Son of John Harper 
(Husband of Ann?? - Note the only two headstones shaped like this.) 

John Harper 1803 - 1897 
Son of John Harper 

 Amy Ann Harper 1828 - 1900

 Marion Francis Harper 
Son of John and Amy A. Harper 1850 - 1867 
(17 years old) 

 Paschael Cornelius Harper
Son of John and Amy A. Harper 181 - 1884

Jasper Harper Son of John and Amy A. Harper
1856 - 1885 

Minnie May Harper 
Daughter of John J. and Aritta A. Harper 1871 - 1872 
(1 year old) 

Joseph Harper
Son of John J. and Aritta A. Harper 1880 - 1882 
(Two years old) 

Lawrence Henry (Harper?)
Son of John J. and Aritta A. Harper 1883 - 1884 
(Sad he only lived less than one year. With no antibiotics life could be short.) 

Lots of questions.Who was John J Harper. His children are buried here but I did not see John J or Aritta A. Harper. Why is Lawrence shown as Lawrence Henry with the last name Harper omitted when his parents are John J. and Aritta Harper. Was Amy Harper John Harpers wife. Dates of death are close but the birthdate of John Harper could not be determined. Why so many John Harpers with no middle initial to distinguish? 
Here are the graves of the 24 Confederate soldiers I mentioned earlier. 

And now the signs and memorials. My dear departed mother in law loved me because I always loved to stop and take pictures of the signs for sites. My father in law wanted to get on to where they were going and it always frustrated her.  First trip we made together she immediately loved the fact I wanted to stop for the signs. So here are some signs.

And on the way back toward Smithfield NC, if you come upon a little fruit and peach stand on the right side of the road, just a couple of miles away - STOP and get some fresh peaches and some homemade peach ice cream made with those peaches fresh from the field. Some of the nicest people you can meet work there.

And that ends my date with my loving wife who wasn't bothered I spent so much time on the old camera and I didn't mind spending so much time on all the history. (I am a science person, she is a history person). After all, we really spent time on each other.

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