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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Trip to Louisville Ky

  I realized that this year, the blog has been more commentary and short on photos. I also realized I never posted any photos of the Louisville trip I was one so here is part 1. (Don't groan, I am breaking it into two parts so the Maker's Mark Distillary is in a separate post and it keeps this shorter - yeah! right?)

  Last month my wife and I took a trip I took a trip to Louisville Kentucky for her to speak at the regional Society of Biblical Literature Conference. Other than attending her lecture, that cut me loose for several days to go do photography. So with that in mind, I finished some of my research that I had started at home.
  Some friends on Nikonians.org had provided me with some ideas, one of which was Fort Know. Hey that sounds good so I googled the directions and when I read the comments on several posts, I discovered that almost all of them included the phrase ,"No visitors - No exceptions". Seems you can't get in but you can only get photos from the gate. Then there were the horse farms that there are so many of (Also the Kentucky Derby is held nearby) but the rain arrive when we did so I decided to grab some brochures in the hotel and work from them and the surrounding Louisville area.

  Following are shots of Louisville ( a really interesting place) and later I will post about the Markers Mark Distillery.
 A steam boat down at the Ohio River (We stayed a stone's throw literally from the river). Seems there are two boats and one was in for maintenance and neither were running at that time. Hey, it was still interesting.

 The Ohio River and one of several bridges crossing in Louisville. (No, I didn't get the names) This one is next to the KFC arena.

The Ohio River and one of several bridges crossing in Louisville. (No, I didn't get the names of the bridges) This one is next to the KFC arena.

 That bridge a little later. My wife couldn't believe I stood out in the middle of the road to get this shot. Hey, photographers are known to be a little crazy. Besides, I looked and there was nothing coming from behind me. (I read of a photographer trying to get a shot of some lions drinking from the edge of the river. When he couldn't get what he wanted, he went out into the river in chest deep water. He got the shots. That's getting a little crazy.)

Louisville has different design hourse statues all over the area (you will see another later). Raleigh NC has done something similar with wolves (the NCSU symbol).

 Hey, you read about it here and got it straight from the horse's mouth (all together now - ggrroooaann).

 To digress, a little of the trip there.

 Yes there really is a house under all that. This is somewhere in Ky. No, I don't have GPs on my camera. Funny thing about the trip, the Garmin took us off the main interstates like I-77 on the way up but took us back on I-77 on the way back. (Glad is did as we hit a lot of snow on the way back and we would have hated to have to drive on those four lanes and some two lanes in the snow.

Lovely view of the KFC arena from our room. (How do you type sarcasm?) 

 A geodesic dome. We couldn't find out what it was for but it was interesting to find.
 All that black is the coal in the ground. The operations we passed by were fascinating but the poverty of the places we saw was terrible. I couldn't help but wonder why they don't get more and/or different industry in but I guess the coal operations don't want competition. I could help but think of that old song "16 Tons" and owing your soul to the company store.
 Back to Louisville. Down by the Ohio River (the tip of the steam boat is just in the left edge of the photo I believe.)

 That bridge (next to the KFC arena) again at night. I loved the lighting. No, no cars were coming, and I only paused a moment as a crossed the road.
 An incredible water fountain in front of the KFC arena. The splash of the water as it "dances around" is almost musical. This is a must see at night.

 An interesting night shot.
 Now here is a bicycle rack!! This is in front of an art gallery.

 A disappearing art. Every barber shop had a shoe shine person. I haven't seen one in years. Strange as I have been amazed at how people don't have shined shoes anymore in church, at funerals, etc. (Glad I had my P&S with me for these shots)

 Another horse, this one in front of our hotel.

An interesting church (Catholic I believe) I saw on the way to Maker's Mark Distillery. Sitting up there on the hill it looked beautiful.

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