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Monday, July 26, 2010

Published in Cary Today magazine!!

The Raleigh News & Observer newspaper had requested photos of Cary for their upcoming Cary Today magazine. It's a magazine insert appearing only in subscribers papers, not in the newsstand papers. I submitted a batch of low resolution photos (easier to email and load). They contacted me and asked for some of the photos in high quality which I submitted. They used 6 of my photos for a half page spread on page 15! Yeah! 

Here is the link to Cary Today o
n line.

Link to page 15: http://ads.carynews.com/SS/Page.aspx?sstarg&facing=false&secid=86494&pagenum=15

Link to the Cary Today magazine:http://ads.carynews.com/SS/Tiles.aspx

The photos are from the Kelby Worldwide Photo walk in 2009 that I went on in Cary. Glad I kept them. You can see all of the Cary photos at my website www.hldphotos.com, go to the projects gallery.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

Just a quick post to share some of the flag photos I have been collecting.

This one really kicked off my collection as I kept going past this one in Raleigh NC and I kept thinking that would make a good picture. Finally it hit me like Homer, "Duh - Go take the picture!" so I did and that stated me collecting flag photos.

Here's one of the national flag and the Georgia flag.

I found this one while working on another project. The house was completely burnt up but the flag survived. There was virtually nothing else left except for a few small odds and ends.

It spoke to me of how our flag survives through it all. Thought it would be appropriate for the fourth of July.

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