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Friday, February 5, 2010

Plans for 2010

For the upcoming year, I am developing a new project. As I go to work in Raleigh I have continually noticed various old Tobacco barns on the way. Some are in good condition and some are falling down. I have begun the work of securing permission to photograph and publish these barns. One person I talked to took me inside and explained all about the "Tear Pole" and the "Sticks" and how the leaves would get dry and after curing them, they would have to put them in a pit to moisten them so they can me handled to put into storage.

It is a fascinating process. Tobacco barns are not being built much anymore and the ones left are continuing to deteriorate so it seemed like a good project to take on. Not sure where it will lead. Maybe a calendar. of Tobacco Barns of North Carolina?

Also, last fall (09)
I took some landscape photographs of a railroad track, near my house, that was lined by trees in their fall colors. (my wife Kathy actually spotted it and came up with the idea) With the recent snowfall, I went out again to photography it in the snow. At this point I will try to go back in the spring and the summer and photography it again with its seasonal variations.


For those of you who sometimes wonder how to get those great shots when there is nothing in your neighborhood, the photos are there. Look at your area as a visitor would see it. People in Washington NC (near the ocean) probably don't even think of the boats lined up there and some of the other scenery but visitors love to photograph the area. My point is, go out and look like a visitor. Remember some of what you noticed when you first got to the area you live in. The photos are there.

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